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Scavenger Hunt

February 23, 2011

Okay, so before you watch this video there are a couple things you should know about it. This is my completed project for an editing & post-production course. The assignment given to each of the 18 students in the class was to go out and collect about 20 different shots (defined by various framing/camera movement techniques). Once each of us captured our shots, we combined them into one large database.

From this collection of almost 400 seemingly unrelated shots, each of us students had to piece together a collage of video and audio to create a comprehensive piece. At first, I wanted to create just a rhythmical edit, but thematically it was a bit lacking. As I began to interact with the heap of files, though, an idea slowly began to come into form. Throughout the process, I felt like a bit of a sculptor—chipping away at a mass of footage and forming it into something concrete. This film is what I created.

The title of the original assignment does it justice, I thnk. This is “Scavenger Hunt.”

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