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March 20, 2013

Meyerson Strategy design before
Meyerson Strategy design (before)

One of the interesting things about contract work is that, often, you're brought onto a preexisting project. On this particular assignment, I was asked to completely revamp a blog that was built on one of my least favorite (and frustratingly inflexible) blogging platforms, Google Blogger. Despite the various roadblocks from the platform, though, the product turned out pretty well. It went from a static, blocky layout to something far more fluid and, of course, responsive for mobile devices. Plus, we were also able to adapt the design for a new set of business cards as well.

If you're looking for veteran advice on content strategy, a spin on the latest news, and general Chicago-based tech-geek ramblings, be sure to check out Charlie Meyerson's website.

January 22, 2013

Artistic collaboration brings out the best from all those involved. That was the case, at least, while working on a website for interior designer Becky Brofman. After more than three decades of professional experience, she was looking not only for an online presence, but also a portfolio with a creative flair.

“Collaboration is my mantra,” her site now quotes. With her motto (and artistic style) in mind, I crafted something that I felt would accurately represent her aesthetic sense: clean, functional, and modern.

Responsive design

I whipped up some minor architecturally-inspired graphical elements for the header and footer, but the overall design is geared to bring her content front-and-center; leaving my overall footprint as small as possible. The site’s galleries are truly the main attraction. They adapt responsively to fit any screen, and support touch events on mobile devices, allowing the user to swipe through images of Becky’s work.

Responsive drop-down menu
Mobile drop-down menu

The site looks gorgeous and works great on any device. When viewing the site on a smaller screen, the sidebar disappears and is replaced by an expandable drop-down menu.

Best of all, though, it’s designed so the non-tech-savvy among us can create and edit content easily. While I had the privilege of photographing some of Becky’s work (much of which is featured on the site), after I handed her the keys, she was able to upload her own photos and create new galleries completely independently!

Great design is found at the intersection of form and function. Becky knows this and brings it to her work; I try to do the same. If you’re in the Chicago area and in need of an interior artistic touch, check out Becky’s work at

July 10, 2012

I find that a project is most rewarding when I can work from all angles. This recent undertaking called not just for responsive web design (optimized for both desktop and mobile devices), but also for headshot photography and print design.

After formulating and implementing a cross-media design aesthetic, it’s hard not to feel a heavy sense of investment in what you’ve created. Swing by to see the digital side of things… hire Pam and maybe you’ll get to see some letterhead.

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