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Chicago in black & white

March 1, 2013

Come the end of winter, it’s easy to get caught in a rut. Especially in Chicago, by the end of February it’s often hard for me to find the motivation to do, well… pretty much anything outside of the house. Today, though, I had to run an errand that brought me downtown to the City Clerk’s office. While at first I was legitimately dreading the public transit trek to deal with Chicago bureaucracy, I was given some very apt advice to take my camera with me—after months of inactivity, it was sitting on my desk collecting dust.

As I got going, I was reminded of high school photography field trips, shooting on black and white 35mm film. With the last vestiges of a winter storm still clinging to the earth, I thought the snow would make for some spectacular high-contrast shots that would look fantastic processed in black and white—just like the old days.

Many of these images are intentionally a bit voyeuristic, focusing on how people interact with the city, while others are simply architectural shots or just shapes that caught my eye. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

Sunrise Market - Chicago, IL
  • Brick wall - Chicago, IL
  • Subway - Chicago, IL
  • 'L' Ride - Chicago, IL
  • Downtown street - Chicago, IL
  • Downtown bridge - Chicago, IL
  • The Bean, Millenium Park - Chicago, IL
  • Amphitheater - Chicago, IL
  • Millenium Park - Chicago, IL
  • Stark Imposition - Chicago, IL
  • Lonely branch - Chicago, IL
  • Fire escape - Chicago, IL

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