March 29, 2015

It’s a bittersweet thing when a close friend moves away. Bitter, of course, because grabbing a beer with your buddy is no longer as easy as just picking up the phone, and because that couch you could always crash on is now a lot harder to reach. Sweet, though, because you know that wherever that couch went to, you can still always crash there. And, while making your way to that cushioned comfort might not be easy, it’s a hell of an excuse for a trip.

When Cole—my good pal, college radio cohost, and recent best man—moved to Colorado, I knew I needed to visit that couch ASAP. Staying an hour away from some of the best skiing in the country, I got to spend a week living the mountain lifestyle and enjoying the snow.

Armed with a GoPro and a much-needed helmet, this video is a sample of my time hitting the slopes… and a tree or two.

June 6, 2014

After almost a year of nothing but freelance work, this beautiful Friday marks my last day flying solo for a while. And wouldn't you know it... there's not much work to do! The sky is blue, the trees are green, and my neighborhood is just begging for a portrait.

Chicago - Logan Square Eagle
March 10, 2014

Picture yourself going through your day and feeling a vibration in your pocket. You think that perhaps you got a text message or Facebook notification, so you pull out your phone. Instead of being greeted by a friendly message, though, your phone tells you that your government just killed three people.

That scenario played out for me four times last week, as America carried out drone strikes that killed a total of nine Yemenis.

The iPhone app Metadata+, created by journalist Josh Begley, sends users a notification every time a drone strike is reported. There are no graphic images—merely a tweet's worth of description and a pin on the map where it occurred.

Metadata+ on the iPhone
Screenshots from Metadata+ on the iPhone

February 3, 2014

When 30 seconds of advertising costs about $4 million, you’d better bet Coca-Cola’s minute-long Super Bowl commercial was well thought out. The ad simply featured “America the Beautiful,” sung in different languages by people of different colors.

That’s it.

And yet, this ad might be the most deviously effective commercial of the night. Why?

January 16, 2014

Back in the fall of 2013, the wonderful folks at the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust asked me to take some photographs for use in their educational materials on the Robie House in Hyde Park. They already had plenty of exterior shots, so I was charged with taking photographs highlighting how the interior spaces related to one another.

While this assignment certainly called for a bit less experimentation that I'd have liked—what could be better than getting a little weird inside a Frank Lloyd Wright house?—even straightforward images of one of these buildings are inevitably remarkable. Here are a few that I think turned out best:

Frak Lloyd Wright - Robie House window
  • Frak Lloyd Wright - Robie House stairway
  • Frak Lloyd Wright - Robie House living room
  • Frak Lloyd Wright - Robie House light fixtures
  • Frak Lloyd Wright - Robie House hallway
  • Frak Lloyd Wright - Robie House outdoor view
  • Frak Lloyd Wright - Robie House window
July 19, 2013

Congratulations to my big brother Ben (and of course his lovely fiancé Nicole) on his their engagement! I couldn't be more excited for their wedding, set for next summer. I was honored when they asked me to spend a late afternoon hour with them shooting a few photos to gear up for the big day.

If you're in the market for some professional photography, feel free to view the rest of my portfolio or reach out and get in touch about a new project.

Chicago engagement photos
  • Chicago engagement photos
  • Chicago engagement photos
  • Chicago engagement photos
  • Chicago engagement photos
  • Chicago engagement photos
  • Chicago engagement photos
July 14, 2013

George Zimmerman not guilty
George Zimmerman at trial

Let's start with this: George Zimmerman was undoubtedly acting on racism the evening he pursued, fought with, and killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin. But am I surprised that the jurors didn't find him guilty? No, nor should they have.

The jurors were merely asked to apply the law, not question its morality. Under any just legal system, Zimmerman would be charged and convicted of murder—but the system itself is broken.

The problem lies in Florida's "stand-your-ground" law, which essentially legalizes violence spurred by our subjective biases; in this case, racism.

May 17, 2013

The Millennial generation catches a lot of flack. We’ve been called lazy, self-absorbed, and (in many cases) far worse. The fact is, though, this criticism has followed most generations in recent history… We’re just next in line.

What does differentiate us is that we are coming into our own having recently experienced a nearly across-the-board collapse of institutional reliability: the highest level of student loan debt in American history, accrued in an economy that doesn’t have room for intelligent young graduates, with a government that is unable or unwilling to make even moderate progress on the nation’s most pressing issues.

What differentiates us is that in the face of this overwhelming ineptitude from on high, we are still creating change from the ground up. PresenTense Chicago, partnered with the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Chicago, provides these young minds with the resources they need to formulate and execute meaningful change.

I was lucky enough to be asked by the PresenTense team to create this video promoting Launch Night, an event at which this year’s eight fellows will present their solutions to some of the biggest social problems of our day.

March 20, 2013

Meyerson Strategy design before
Meyerson Strategy design (before)

One of the interesting things about contract work is that, often, you're brought onto a preexisting project. On this particular assignment, I was asked to completely revamp a blog that was built on one of my least favorite (and frustratingly inflexible) blogging platforms, Google Blogger. Despite the various roadblocks from the platform, though, the product turned out pretty well. It went from a static, blocky layout to something far more fluid and, of course, responsive for mobile devices. Plus, we were also able to adapt the design for a new set of business cards as well.

If you're looking for veteran advice on content strategy, a spin on the latest news, and general Chicago-based tech-geek ramblings, be sure to check out Charlie Meyerson's website.